Karin Eurén was born and raised in Sweden. She sang in varius coverbands and choirs in the teens. In the childhood home they listened to a lot of music in various genres. The Swedish school has also given her a good musical foundation.

She moved to Denmark in 1978 and has been singing in cover bands since the early 80s. She also went to “Danmarks Show og teaterskole” like Fame, got a second place in a song contest in 1986 and done some TV along the way.

She enjoyed singing covers, but the urge to write her own stuff began to arise. Although she began writing music mid 80s, it was first in 2004 things got serious. Karin Eurén got a “diploma” in music and after a few Danish singles she released "3 songs," a country- / folk-inspired EP in 2006.

An American record company sent it to country radio stations throughout Europe and Australia with many fine reviews. In a European ”Top 200 Chart” of most played artist 2006/2007 Karin was on the list - in a 136th place just before Dolly Parton. Awesome! Songs were also desired and often played in Danish Radio P4.

In 2007, the single "Why Did Ya?" produced by Søren Larsen Sebber was released and all local radio stations in Denmark took it to heart. And it's played today. The spring of 2012 it was on a Top 40 list in Ireland!

Karin became a member of DPA, a Danish songwriters guild. On a songwriter retreat, she met B-Joe, as she later wrote the song "Walking" with. It was published by Søren Sebber Larsen in 2009 and was put in rotation on the P4 shortly after.

On another songwriter s retreat the idea to go to Nashville and make the first full album, “The Carousel of Life” came up. When Karin came home from the United States she completed the album in Lundgaard Studios in Denmark. When Pete Repete (keyboardplayer- Big Fat Snake) heard a few raw mixes, he wrote the song "The Songs I Wrote For You", to Karin. "The Carousel Of Life" was released in 2010 and several songs were play listed in Danish Radio. The famous danish DJ, Jørgen de Mylius, invited Karin into the studio for an interview and played a lot of songs in his weekly programs Hithouse and Eldorado.

The album "Take Away" came in 2013. Some of the songs were already recorded in Nashville back in 2010, but other songs were recorded in Denmark. Musicians: Knud Møller (Johnny Madsen band) and Frank Thøgersen (Kandis), Tommy Rasmussen (Neighbours). Songs like the title track "Take Away", "While you were gone" and "You are the one" could be heard on the radio on P4 and P5. You can find 2 line dances for the song ”Take Away on YouTube.

In the fall of 2014, Karin Eurén was once again in USA, this time in "The House of Songs" Austin, TX, USA, for writing songs with American songwriters. Here she met Steven Bacon from Alaska, and they wrote the song "Home," which later became Karin Eurén first radio hit.

But first a pop song "So Damn Right" had to be released. It was published in the spring of 2015, with an accompanying music video filmed in Brorfelde Observatory.

"Home" was released in spring 2016. Produced by Søren Skov - Skovlab in Copenhagen. Musicians: Troels Skovgaard, Helge Solberg, Sten Larm and Steven Bacon. It proved to be a good working relationship. In summer 2016 “Home” was the most played in a period of time on Danish Radio P5. 2 more singles from the upcoming album were released in 2017. "Take a Chance on Tomorrow" and "Write Your Sorrows in the Sand".

All songs and videos can be seen on this website/YouTube.







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